Frequently Asked Questions.


What is DearLocal?

DearLocal is a hands-free social marketing solution that plans, designs, and automates a series of highly-relevant social updates customized to drive customers to your small business.

DearLocal leverages proprietary technology that fully-automated and really, really efficient at finding and targeting your specific customers. That means no massive overhead costs and beautifully simple pricing.

Why DearLocal?

Facebook has 1,084 targeting categories, 10 ad types, and ~ 1 gajillion rules about images and copy. DearLocal intelligently identifies the specific targeting combinations & ad types tested and proven to drive actual customers to businesses similar to yours. Using your images and input from your monthly strategy session, our experts build unique creatives & copy optimized for ad type, mobile/desktop, and Facebook's constantly changing rules. We do all the work so you can get back doing what you do best, running your business.

Do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook ads are the most powerful ad units that exist today. No foolin'. Facebook ads generate up to 5x greater returns than traditional online campaigns. People spend more time on Facebook than anywhere else on the Web. Smartphone users check Facebook 14x a day. No other platform provides this level of access and targeting for the very specific customers you need to reach.

Can't I just use Facebook's "Boost post" option?

Yes, but please don't. You miss out on a lot of powerful targeting options and lose control of your bid price. So you don't know where your money is going and what you're getting out of it. DearLocal looks beyond what happens within the social networks to build a very powerful targeting profile for your specific business. Using our special access to Facebook's Ads API, we cross-reference the most effective targeting parameters that will actually drive customers to your business. We also adjust your bid prices in real-time which means you're reaching the most target customers for the lowest cost. Why spend money reaching people who won't ever become customers?

What about Power editor or Ads manager?

If you don't use DearLocal, definitely use Facebook Power editor. Download it here. (Only works on Chrome) It's far more powerful than "Boost post" or Ads manager, but does require time to learn and manage. Facebook recommends 6 months to get a solid understanding. DearLocal launches highly-targeted and optimized ad campaigns specifically tailored for your business in minutes. We integrate new Facebook features as they're released and apply them to your ad campaigns automatically so you don't have to worry about what works and what doesn't.

How does DearLocal compare to other local marketing?

We believe the most effective marketing reaches targeted customers while they're doing the things they do every day. That's why DearLocal leverages the Facebook News Feed to deliver your message. We launch real-time promotions any time you want and make sure that the right customers are seeing those promotions. The result is a consistent, predictable increase in sales in addition to attracting repeat, long-term customers. Daily deal platforms are a one-time, high-cost investment for local businesses. They attract bargain hunters and are ineffective at generating return customers. Direct mail solutions limit businesses to fixed, unchanging promotions that unfortunately end up in the trash. Local media is extremely expensive, static, and you don't know whether they're actually driving customers. Whatever solution you choose, make sure you pick the one that's actually driving conversions.

Can agencies use DearLocal?

DearLocal is a powerful add-on service for agencies. There's no extra work for the client or your team. We deliver quantifiable results EXTREMELY quickly, for micro-budget costs. And DearLocal requires almost zero implementation time. If this makes sense for your organization, Let's chat..

Can I use DearLocal if my business isn't in the U.S.?

Absolutely. The beauty of DearLocal technology is that it automatically leverages your target Facebook user base regardless of where you are in the world. So whether your business is in Boston or Berlin, you instantly target and reach the right customers anywhere you want.

Do I get to approve DearLocal ads?

Absolutely. We'll never launch anything without your approval. If you want to tweak copy or change an image, your specialist will make it happen. We take the time to really understand you and your business. That way you can be sure your marketing will always match the voice and goals of your specific business.

How long does it take to set up DearLocal?

The majority of your advanced Facebook tools can be set up within a day. DearLocal clients who have signed up in the morning have seen real results by the afternoon. Once your DearLocal tools are set up, they begin learning about your business and continue to get smarter with time. Crazy huh? Yep, crazy like a fox.

Why is DearLocal so affordable?

At DearLocal, we believe strongly that businesses of all sizes should have access to the best tools. (See what we're all about.) So we've built a really efficient system that automates everything that can possibly be automated. That means our costs are low, which means your costs are low.

We're confident you could become a Facebook Ads expert yourself and spend hours creating, managing, and optimizing your ads, but we think your time is better spent running your business. In fact, we're really proud to have some seriously legit Facebook Ad experts using DearLocal to automate their marketing and simplify their lives.

Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

Both. Google Adwords is "passive" advertising. If someone searches for exactly what you sell, you want to show up. But Facebook Ads are "proactive" ads. Your message shows up right in the News Feed of your most likely customers when you want it to show up. This is powerful. So use both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads but allocate more budget to whichever one delivers real results.


How do I pay for my Facebook ads?

We manage your monthly budget 100%, but run your ad spend through Facebook directly using your Facebook ad account. This way, we don't have any hidden fees or charge an additional percentage of your ad spend. Just make sure you have a funding source in your Facebook ad account. Check your Facebook funding source here. (Facebook will ask for your password)

Why do I need to connect with Facebook?

This is the only way DearLocal can get the necessary permissions to communicate with Facebook and manage your ads. We are very serious about privacy. and will never post anything to your wall. Be sure you are logged into Facebook as an admin for the page you want to promote when you click the "Connect" button.

Can I request certain ad types?

Yes! During your strategy sessions, your specialist will document any special events, deals, or products you want to specifically promote. If you have a last-minute deal, just us know and we'll integrate it into your marketing plan usually within a day's notice. No two businesses are the same and our specialists make sure the custom marketing plan we design effectively drives actual revenue for your business.

How much should I spend on ads?

Our plans are specifically designed to drive maximum effectiveness for small business budgets. We have recommended minimum monthly ad spends for each plan that ensure real results, but you can choose to spend more or less each month.

Just set your budget each month and DearLocal will strategically allocate the ad spend across your ads that month. So you always know what you'll spend that month. No surprises.

Do my promoted posts look different?

Nope, that's the power and beauty of native advertising. Your promoted post will look just like every other post in the Facebook News Feed. The only difference is the words "Suggested Post" will appear in small grey text inside your post. With this great power comes great responsibility.

Will I get viral reach using my promoted posts?

Yeah, it's beautiful. Studies show that organic and viral impressions grow by up to 200% when utilizing paid media. That means, long after DearLocal stops promoting your post, you'll continue to reach customers through viral growth.

Can I target people in other states or countries?

Definitely. You can effectively target people anywhere in the world. That's the beauty of DearLocal and the 1 billion+ Facebookers.

Is there a delay between ad launch and ad delivery?

Facebook needs to approve every ad that is submitted so you might notice a small delay while they review. If you have a time-sensitive event or promotion, we recommend you post earlier than you might normally to account for the review process.

Can I promote a post I already promoted?

Absolutely, and you should. Just go into your dashboard and click the "Promote" button next to the post you want to promote. You'll start seeing results soon. This is a great way leverage posts that have proven to be effective for you. Just make sure the post isn't time-sensitive and out-of-date.

Will DearLocal help me get "likes?"

Yes, you'll organically get "likes" by reaching people who are specifically interested in the product or services your business offers. However, we tell businesses not to get too caught up on "vanity metrics" like number of "page likes." Do you "like" the Facebook pages of all the businesses you frequent? Probably not. That isn't the way most people use Facebook. DearLocal's goal is to get your message to the RIGHT customer and convert them to actual sales. Regardless of whether they "like" your Facebook page or not.

Is my ad running?

There is a short delay after you post so that Facebook can review the ad. Take advantage of Facebook's notificaton features to get notified when ads are approved or disapproved. Check Facebook notifications here. Also make sure you have an active funding source in your account. Check your Facebook funding source here.

My analytics look different on Facebook

DearLocal uses the Facebook Ads API to get real-time data. Depending on when we load the data and when Facebook loads the data, the numbers could be different. Also, we do deep analysis to get you more insight on whether you're actually reaching your target customers. You may not see these analytics on Facebook.

Why wasn't all my ad spend used?

We want to make sure that any money you spend is being used effectively. If we decide that an ad is not performing as well as it should for any number of reasons, we MIGHT stop your ad and tweak it to save you money.

Get back to running your business. We'll do the rest.