Automated Bid Optimization & Dayparting

DearLocal algorithms continuously optimize your bids and pause campaigns during the least effective hours to make sure you get the most out of every dollar you spend.


DearLocal's proprietary SMART TARGET technology A/B tests your targeting profiles and automatically reallocates your budget to the best performing ads. That means as you drive new customers and engage existing customers, your ads get smarter. Now that's smart.

(Really) Advanced Retargeting

DearLocal specialists help you set up website and email retargeting. That means anyone who visits your website or signs up for your mailing list is automatically added to your future ad targeting. These people have demonstrated interest in your business and are your highest converting customers. Don't lose them!

Real-time Analytics and Reports.

Get access to our proprietary (and seriously beautiful) analytics & management platform. Track the number of people who see your ads and actually become customers (because that's what really matters).

Get back to running your business. We'll do the rest.